Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Welcome to Monogram Month

Hello and welcome to Monogram Month at Carfax Abbey. Over the next four weeks I shall be examining various aspects of the output and legacy of this much reviled yet much beloved Poverty Row tinpot magicians parlour.
I don't have much to say that is radical or new, though I do perhaps think that the time for attacking the studio's movies, as if they have personally affronted us in some way, is long past.
In forthcoming posts I will be looking at the stars, the writers, the producers and directors and of course the films that made the Monogram atmosphere, in its own, tiny way, as distinctive and instantly recognisable as MGM's.
We will reacquaint ourselves with Charlie Chan and Mr Wong, the East Side Kids, Mantan Moreland, George Zucco, John Carradine and, of course, with Lugosi, that great dethroned aristocrat of horror. Fittingly, we will culminate at the end of the month with the Lugosi Monogram Marathon, in which I will endeavour to watch all of his Monogram titles (with the elusive exception of Return of the Ape Man) in one go, while documenting my impressions and reactions for the benefit both of posterity and of whoever it is that locates me gibbering and raving in the street at three in the morning.
I'd love to hear from you - What does Monogram mean to you? Do you find the films charming or hopelessly cheap? Do you have a favourite?
And do please remember to vote in the Lugosi at Monogram poll...


panavia999 said...

I am really looking forward to your posts on this topic.

James said...

YAY! Same here. Looking forward to checking out your low down on Monogram, Matthew. Get posting! ;o)

Matthew Coniam said...

Thanks chaps!