Thursday, March 17, 2011

RIP Michael Gough, the George Zucco of British horror

Last November I paid tribute to Michael Gough on the occasion of his 94th birthday. That post, sadly, must now serve as his obituary.
Michael was one of the great unsung heroes of British horror, a true George Zucco to Lee and Cushing's Karloff and Lugosi. Whether in relatively sane supporting roles or going hell for leather in the lead he was always a delight to watch. Lovers of British horror's more eccentric byways will have so many memories of him to cherish, whether it's feeding chunks of raw meat to a huge carnivorous plant in Konga, playing the organ in Black Zoo to an audience of big cats in armchairs, smiling contentedly in the back seat as his customised Rolls Royce decapitates yet another luckless pair of would-be escapees in Horror Hospital, or ranting so peerlessly from virtually the first to last frame of Horrors of the Black Museum. He will be missed.
You can read the original post here.

Michael Gough (1917-2011)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The man I love

Eternal custodian of the old dark house, keeper of the sacred tana leaves, Professor Bruno Lampini ("I have a collection of the world's most astounding horrors!"), foil to Bob Hope and the Ritz Brothers, sworn enemy of Sherlock Holmes, Bulldog Drummond and Tarzan, fiend of choice at PRC...

There never once was, nor ever shall be again, anyone else quite like George Zucco.

The George Zucco-at-PRC marathon is up next...